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Bush Brothers Advantage

Bush Brothers Provision Company is a fifth generation, family-owned meat packing and distribution company, located at the same address since 1925. We offer regular delivery from Miami to Vero Beach, and export to the Bahamas, the Caribbean, and Europe. From the beginning, we have worked very hard to maintain a reputation for excellent quality and superb service. We are very proud to count among our customers the most luxurious hotels, largest country clubs, and finest white tablecloth restaurants in South Florida and the Caribbean.

A division of Bush Brothers is dedicated to serving the international super yacht community. We currently serve over one hundred super yachts and larger sport fishermen. We provide the highest quality provisioning and consolidation including specialized packaging and labeling to organize your supplies. We offer regular provisioning anywhere in the world including export documentation and special shipping arrangements.

Steak Portioning

We produce and distribute an array of the finest quality fresh meats and poultry, as well  as provisions, dairy, frozen gourmet specialties, hors d’ourvres, pasta, wild game items, and desserts. Our hand-selected USDA Prime beef is the most superb beef on the market. Our premium quality beef lines, such as Certified Hereford Beef and Creekstone Angus compare favorably with USDA Prime meat and are more available at a more reasonable price. We also dry-age USDA Choice and Prime cuts for the ultimate in dining pleasure. Kosher and Halal foods are also available with sufficient lead-time.

Bush Brothers is committed to food safety and healthfulness. We have a fully integrated and USDA-inspected HAACP program, which ensures the safety of our products. With our temperature controlled facility and extensive safety guidelines for our suppliers as well as our delivery vehicles, Bush Brothers can ensure the consistent safe handling of our products from farm to plate.

At Bush Brothers, we are also committed to the availability of sustainable agriculture and the humane treatment of animals by raising, handling, and feeding the animals in a natural manner. We also offer lines of All-Natural and Certified Humane Beef, Pork, and Poultry, all of which are raised healthfully.

We pride ourselves on our ability to satisfy even the most exacting customers. All of our items are hand cut daily according to customer specifications. For our local customers, we offer the freshest cuts of well-aged meats, cut to order, and delivered daily. For our yacht and export customers, we offer special trimming, vacuum packaging, labeling, and flash freezing of any product, including fresh seafood.

We are confident that our tradition of family management, dedicated employees, and superb quality control will make a significant contribution to the success of your operation. We are here to serve you!