Fresh Chicken

At Bush Brothers, we carry only high quality, all-vegetarian fed, natural Chickens.  Our main line of chickens come from Pilgram's Pride's Goldkist division.  These chickens are raised all-naturally, and are high quality, clean products.  From whole chickens to boneless-skinless breasts, Bush Brothers' chickens are always fresh and always flavorful.

Free-Roaming Chicken

Bush Brothers proudly carries Murray's Family Farms free-roaming chickens.  These birds have been air-chilled in a new process that keeps the chickens from any contact with traditional saltwater bath.  These chickens are a no water added product, meaning all you are buying is chicken, no broth, no additives, no preservatives.  Try this product once and you will never turn back.

Maple-Leaf Long Island Ducks

We are proud to carry the Maple Leaf Farms line of duck products.  Their whole Long Island Ducks are an industry standard for quality and taste.  Their farm-raised duck is the best White Pekin duck available on the market today, offering more meat and less fat than any other duck. You won't find a product better suited for the high-end menus of our customers.